Our Security Services

Here at Marvid Industries we offer a wide variety of services from crowd control to cash in transit. Whatever your business requirements are, Marvid Industries and our team of highly trained guards are ready to cater to your requirements.
Cash In Transit

Minimize the risk from your business by utilizing our cash in transit solutions. We offer a range of services from discreet cash collection, change delivery and banking options.


With the ability of transporting hundreds of thousands of dollars, your business can remain uninterrupted and risk free when choosing to use our fully insured service.

K9 Units

​Take advantage of our highly trained K9 patrol units. Our officers and their companions provide the ultimate visual deterrent from any would be offenders.


Certify your peace of mind knowing your business is protected by the professional team at Marvid Industries.​



Mobile Patrols


Ensure that your premise is kept safe after hours with our mobile patrols. Ensure peace of mind knowing that Marvid Industries will be monitoring your business around the clock.


We perform multiple patrols nightly to ensure no damage has been caused to your business and provide a visual deterrent from any would be offenders.

Alarm Monitoring

When the unexpected happens in your business, be it a real emergency or a false alarm, allow our team to respond to your business after hours.


With a guaranteed time ensuring that your business is protected immediately from any further disruptions.

Static Guards


Utilize our static guards for onsite security services in shopping centers, access control at entrance points, gatehouse, schools or retirement villages.


Guarantee your night runs smoothly without the interruption from uninvited guests by using our friendly and professional team of security officers.

Crowd Controlling

Protect your venue from any unwanted issues by hiring our professional team of crowd controllers. From private parties to large venues, Marvid Industries can supply your events and functions with guards to ensure that your night runs smoothly. 


Our team is highly experienced in handling serious situations in a professional and respectable manor, whilst also being incredibly flexible to cater to your functions needs.